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Messages from the Team…

Although we had fewer members this season, I think that a major success was being able to have our members be multi-skilled, and having high productivity rates per person. Also, coming from our rookie season, ranking 41st, and now, ranking 4th was a monumental achievement because we were able to compete at a much higher level than we were able to prior. I think that a loss this season would have to be the lack of time throughout the build season, and being able to achieve more from our robot. We became fully re-structured as a team in early January, which is when the season kickoff was, and as a result of this, a lot of time slipped through our hands.”

Rishi H

“One of the largest achievements this year was the excellent collaboration of the team and the cabal system. It was amazing to see the team grow and take shape throughout the season. It is truly something that I will hold with me. One loss for me was how late we began planning and designing the structure of the team and supplies. Coming out of a two-year gap because of the pandemic was a big blow to us as a team. Creating a domino effect of late orders of parts and materials. One of the biggest examples was the swerve drive which only arrived 2-3 weeks before the regional at Del Mar. This is something that will be kept in mind going into the off-season and next year.”

Carlos C

“The most significant success this year was how well each team member contributed to the final robot. The only reason we were able to complete the robot this year was because of how productive and effective everyone was during the build season, even with our time setbacks where we essentially had to regather the team at the last minute and people didn’t even know if we were going to compete that year or not. One major bottleneck that led to some loss though was our lack of resources. We had just barely enough to get everything done to the minimum viable level of completion for what was required at competition, but that led to many compromises such as having a lack of proper motors and equipment. This forced us to use eight year old motors for our climber during competition, which fried themselves in the last match.”

Sean S

“A major area of success this robotics season for me was learning how to use SolidWorks to a point where I feel confident making parts on my own. Being this confident in more than one design program has helped me understand and reinforce general design practices.  I think that the biggest loss this season was only being able to attend one competition, and not getting a second chance due to time constraints. I think that our team did a lot of great work and having more opportunities to compete with our robot would be a huge gain.  One massive learning point this robotics season was getting more confident with my abilities as an engineer. Having learned about mechanical design and programming on my own, I haven’t had much of a reference to how skilled I am in either field. 4 years ago, I had an opportunity to join a robotics team as a programmer, but I didn’t pursue it partly because I wasn’t at all confident in my software skill set. This year, however, I did decide to try out joining a team despite still not being sure that I could contribute very much, but throughout the season I’ve realized that am actually able to contribute, much more than I initially thought I would be able to, and that has boosted my confidence which I believe will help me enormously in the future.”

Sherwin S

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